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Request the Original Picture


Our goal at HighlandRebels.com has always been to share our photos of you with you. Not just the reduced version you see online, but the full size digital photo. These photos are great for making prints of almost any size.  Until now, it has been difficult to get these photos to you.

HighlandRebels.com website's newest feature is the ability to "Request the Original Picture". While viewing the photos from one of this year's events, you can press the to request the original picture.

If your email does not support this feature, just log into your email account and email us your requested picture at highland.rebels@yahoo.com. Be sure to read the instructions below.

This "FREE" service is open to anyone that would like to request a photo, whether from Highland schools or one of the many schools Highland competes against each year. After all, we take almost as many pictures of the other team's players as we do the Rebels. If you are requesting a photograph for a publication, please let us know that.

We ask that you include your Name (First and Last), your Location (City, State), and your reason for wanting the photo ('this is my son', 'this is my grandchild', 'I'm the guy running the ball', etc.,) in the body of the email.


How do I receive the photographs?

We will collect up the original photographs and put them in a folder on our website. We will send you an email with a link to that folder and instructions on how to save them.

Keep in mind, we sometimes lose things or people share their photos with us. We cannot guarantee that we will have the original photograph.

Instructions One:

Click the email button. If your email outbox is available to your Internet viewer (like Windows Internet Explorer, Opera or FireFox), it will launch an email already addressed to highland.rebels@yahoo.com and attach the file name of the photograph.

NOTE: Please include your name, your location, and reason for wanting the photo ('this is my son', 'this is my grandchild', etc.)


Instructions Two:
If your email outbox is not available or to request several photographs at one time, then follow these instructions.

Open an email and address it to highland.rebels@yahoo.com

NOTE: Please include your name, your location, and reason for wanting the photo ('this is my son', 'this is my grandchild', etc.)

View the photograph, highlight the entire Address path (seen in blue below), right click on the path and select copy.

In the body of the email, right click and paste the path to the image.

Request as many photos as you like per email and then send it.