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2016 Highland Rebel Volleyball Schedule

Date Opponent Place Time Team
16 Hoxie (Benefit Game) Hoxie TBA 2
18 Hoxie (Benefit Game) Hoxie TBA 4
23 Trumann Hutson Center 4:30 7th,1,2,3,4
27 Cave City Tourney Cave City TBA 4
29 Midland Midland 4:30 7th,1,2,4
30 Westside Westside 4:30 7th,1,2,3,4
8 Hoxie* Hutson Center 4:30 7th,1,2,3,4
13 Cave City* Cave City 4:30 7th,1,2,3,4
15 Pocahontas* Hutson Center 4:30 7th,1,2,3,4
19 Brookland* Hutson Center 4:30 7th,1,2,3,4
20 Walnut Ridge* Walnut Ridge 4:30 7th,1,2,3,4
22 ICC* Hutson Center 4:30 7th,1,2,3,4
26 Harrisburg Hutson Center 4:30 7th,1,2,3,4
27 Hoxie* Hoxie 4:30 7th,1,2,3,4
29 Cave City* Hutson Center 4:30 7th,1,2,3,4
3 Flippin Hutson Center 5:00 7th,1,2,3,4
4 Pocahontas* Pocahontas 4:30 7th,1,2,3,4
6 Walnut Ridge* Hutson Center 4:30 7th,1,2,3,4
11 ICC* Brockwell 4:30 7th,1,2,3,4
13 Ridgefield Christian Jonesboro 4:30 7th,1,2,4
TBA Junior and Senior District   TBA 2,4

    * = Conference Game

    1-Junior High (B)    2-Junior High    3-Senior High (B)    4-Senior High


Cave City Tournament

Junior Rebels vs Brookland

Senior Rebels vs Brookland

Junior Rebels vs Flippin

Senior Rebels vs Flippin

Senior Night