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Highland Cheerleaders

Highland Rebel Cheerleaders for 2016-2017


Halftime Video - 090216

Halftime Video - 092216

Halftime Video - 101416

Halftime Video - 110416


Senior High Squad

Terri Wilson Valerie Conforth Madison Johnson
Bailey Circle Tara Recollet Hannah Bishop
Macy Jines Emily Bagwell Nicole Orosz
Vivian Qualls Ashlee Tolar Alexis Gallagher
Abby Baldwin Madison Burns Gillian Murphy
  Diamond Younce  


Junior High Squad

Sheyanne Sampson Keylee Circle Grace Dunn
Brittany Wright Patience Carl Gracie Hamilton
Abby Kulczycki Jillian Shortnacy Dalaney Harris
Emily Boggs Hannah Gibson Tara Rook
Hannah King Hailey Orosz Taylor Brewer
  Olivia Cox